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School Store Sponsors Bowling Trip

On October 19, 2017, REACH Groups 21-23 participated in a bowling trip at Gun Post Lanes Bowling in the Bronx. The bowlers were supported through a donation from the school store as a way of giving back to the students and staff who patronize the popular pop-up store. After a safety briefing from the Transition Coordinator, the members of the bowling group were off on a short bus trip to the local bowling alley to begin their bowling experience—many for the very first time. The students were assisted by all four of Lavelle’s job coaches: Dorothy Calhoun, Ethan Matterdeen, Renee Janvier and Pamela Rampersaud and Gary Wier who coordinates the Transition Program that operates the school store, and Teaching Assistant, Ricky Lugo, who also serves as one of the facilitators for the school’s men’s club.

The students enjoyed learning how to bowl, with or without bowling aids like ramps and gutter protectors. They learned about friendly competition and bonded with other classmates in a fun-filled environment. And they learned about a community recreational opportunity that they can continue to enjoy with their friends and relatives in the future.  Some of the quotes heard from the students upon return to school included: “All right! At last we had a field trip!”, “I had a great score!”, “It was fun to have the adventure!”, and “A day outside—not doing what we usually do with each other! “. In short, it was a great day to be a student at Lavelle!

Additional activities and trips for students will be supported by the store in the future in order to allow even more of our students to integrate with the community while having experiences that help them learn and have fun in many different ways.