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Parent Association of Lavelle (PAL)

The Parent Association of Lavelle was created to inform and empower parents, keeping them involved in every aspect of their child’s education. PAL leaders work as a team in conjunction with both parents and staff to ensure students receive the support they need within programs.


  • American Foundation for the Blind: a United States nonprofit organization enabling blind or visually impaired people to achieve equality and access. They provide information and referrals about living with visual impairment.

  • American Printing House for the Blind: an organization that promotes independence of blind and visually impaired persons by providing special media, tools, and materials needed for education and life.

  • Hadley School: offers a variety of tuition-free distance education courses to blind and visually impaired individuals age fourteen and above, parents of blind children, family members of blind adults, and professionals working in the field of blindness. Courses are available in Braille, Large Print, audiocassette, and online.

  • Helen Keller Services for the Blind: one of the oldest not-for- profit rehabilitation agencies in the United States. HKSB provides resources for the blind, visually impaired, and developmentally disabled people.

  • National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired: founded in 1979 by volunteers, primarily parents of children who are visually impaired, to obtain support and information to help advocate for their children.

  • National Federation of the Blind: largest membership organization of blind people in the United States.

  • New York State Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped: provides vocational rehabilitation and other services to blind and visually impaired New York State residents including children, adults, and the elderly.

Application Information

In order for your child to be considered for placement at Lavelle School for the Blind, you will need to submit the following forms:

  • PHC-10 Form
  • Report of Legal Blindness/Request for Information Form
  • Medical Eye Report
  • Lavelle School Application for 4201 program
  • Home Language Survey
  • Emergency Home Contact
  • Consent Form
  • Health Office Student information
  • Child & Adolescent Health Examination Form (NYC Dept. of Health)
  • Order Referral (Related Prescription Form)
  • Medicaid Consent Form

These forms should be completed in collaboration with your child’s doctors and local school district administration.