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“Art Beyond Sight” Returns to REACH Program

The REACH Program at Lavelle School for the Blind is proud to announce that Art Beyond Sight returned to our school in January to continue their creative work with our students. Art Beyond Sight will be providing a total of eight sessions to seven of our classes in the REACH Program. The program utilizes a combination of musical interaction, role-playing, acting, storytelling and other activities to help students learn basic skills using their unique approach.

Led by Program Director, Juan Robles-Gil Aleman, the revised ABS program will provide sessions using the following themes:

  1. A review of self-introductions skills and making good first impressions. Students learn through musical introductions how to break the ice with others and feel more confident in social situations. Using role-playing and other techniques, students begin to understand that every conversation is a different story and can end in many ways depending on the subject and the participants.
  2. Conversations that are successful have the right balance. Students work together to achieve the right balance for each situation, learning the difference between casual and formal conversations.
  3. Part of the program will include writing a song together about self-advocacy using a creative group process.
  4. The final session will cover what challenges us all: Finding the courage to handle difficult situations. Through the careful use of role-playing and different scenarios, ABS instructors lead our students to find successful ways to resolve conflict with the support of their group.
    We’d like to thank our two ABS Instructors, Kimberly Werner and Gennaro Rocco, for their work with our students and staff. The strengths that the modalities of art, music, dance, acting and storytelling bring to the learning environment serve as important tools in teaching skills and building confidence.

As a special treat for all our students, ABS has arranged for their final session to include a performance by a group of community affiliated actors, Theater Breaking Through Barriers, who engage students using skits and empowering role-play scenarios. This session, scheduled on Art Beyond Sight’s last day at Lavelle, promises to add a great finish to our Art Beyond Sight experience at Lavelle for this school year!