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Lavelle School for the Blind is a multi-cultural educational institution established 100 years ago based on the Catholic tradition and the compassion and dedication of the Dominican sisters of Blauvelt. The organization integrates students who are blind and have multiple disabilities, staff and parents in a challenging yet nurturing environment. The programs at Lavelle seek to educate the whole child through a combination of developmental and functional strategies. As the student progresses, the curriculum accommodates individual changing needs and educational growth. All students are prepared for lives as respected adults. Lavelle School develops all students to their fullest potential, and provides support and resources to the students and their parents.

Beatboxing Transforms Education at Lavelle School for the Blind

Walk into the music room at the Lavelle School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in the Bronx on a Wednesday morning, and you’ll find a dozen or so students sitting in a circle creating music with nothing more than their mouths, hands and feet and bodies. Soon Ashley Morisseau, 16, is handed the microphone. She sits up straight, leans forward and begins to speak over the loop of sound that her classmates have already created.



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upper school imagePRESCHOOL: In 2002, our preschool program for children with vision impairments was expanded to include those with and without disabilities. Students in these integrated classrooms are prepared to enter kindergarten at age 5. Preschool students with multiple disabilities are enrolled in smaller classrooms to receive more intensive services. Many of these students with multiple disabilities can continue in the Lower School Program at Lavelle. Read More...
IMG 1240LIFE SKILLS: Our Lower School Unit has small classrooms with 6 students, 1 teacher, and 2 paraprofessionals. This staff assures that each child receives the maximum support needed to grow and achieve his or her full potential. Read More...
program image1R.E.A.C.H.: In the Upper School Unit, students are actively preparing for adult roles and responsibilities. Every student has a transition plan that is integrated into all activities throughout the school day, including the core curriculum and the expanded curriculum. Read More...



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